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Shipping Policy

Delivery Timeline

1. Customer places the order.

2. INOVO processes the order and prepares it for shipment. (Please note that any orders placed after 3pm will be processed on the next working day)

3. INOVO will arrange our courier partner Qexpress or Freight Link Express to deliver within 2-3 working days. Monday – Friday between 10am – 6pm and Saturday between 10am -1pm

4. Delivery personnel will transport the order to the delivery address.

5. If the customer is not around to receive the delivery, the delivery personnel will give a call to the customer*

6. If customer is not at home, with your approval and consent, we can leave the item at the doorstep or a safe place you prefer. (Do note that our company will not be liable for any loss/damage of the item in this case)*

7. We can also reschedule the delivery to another date of your preference if you are not at home.

8. For large and bulky item like Vanity Top and Furniture, INOVO will send an Email/SMS to the customer to inform him/her of the delivery schedule. Upon confirmation, your items will be sent out at the date and time zone specified. Delivery will not proceed unless customer has approved of the time zone and date for delivery.

*For Courier Services only

Rescheduling of Delivery

Upon receipt via SMS / E-mail of the delivery schedule, the customer is allowed to re-schedule the delivery by replying to the SMS / E-mail, subject to availability of the requested timeslot.

Default Delivery Window

By default, we deliver Monday to Saturday for all forms of courier shipping. If you will not be around during this period, do leave us a note when placing your order to tell us your preferred delivery timing. If we do not receive notice from you, your delivery will abide by the Default Delivery Window.

However, do note that timings outside of the Default Delivery Window are subject to availability. If you need us to deliver outside the Default Delivery Window, your delivery might be delayed. Although INOVO will do so when deemed possible, we are not obliged to accommodate requests for deliveries outside the Default Delivery Window.

We do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Free Shipping

INOVO aims to fulfill Free Shipping within 2-3 days from the day your order has been processed, excluding the day the order is processed.

Next-Day Courier Shipping (Additional Top Up)

INOVO aims to fulfill Next-Day Courier Shipping only for ready stock item which is stated earliest delivery 2-3 days. Order have to be made before 4pm. The delivery timeframe excludes Sundays and Public Holidays. Backorder items are not applicable for next day delivery as items are not instock. Customer can select this option by system default but it is not applicable, we will refund the $25 extra fee to customer if they select the next day delivery of backorder items.


INOVO will not be responsible for any failed deliveries should the customer provide the wrong delivery information such as the wrong address, wrong contact information, or wrong delivery date and timing.

INOVO will do our best to help our customers receive their order. However, we are not obliged to deliver the order in any other ways not previously agreed on before the delivery.

We are also not obliged to perform any form of delivery beyond delivery to your doorstep. Should you not be at the location to receive the delivery, we are not obliged to wait for you to return home. We can however pass it to any other persons living in your home.

In cases where our logistics run into unforeseen circumstances, your delivery might be delayed for any number of reasons. In this case, we will inform you of any re-scheduling as early as we can.


Backorders are not subject to the delivery timeframes stated above as the products are not in stock. Normally earliest delivery stated is 3 weeks or longer depending on the shipment. We will ship them out soonest possible once the products are in stock. Back order items are not applicable for next day delivery as items are not instock as they are custom made and ship from Malaysia or China.

Inaccessible Places

  • INOVO will not ship to Tuas, Army Camps or Sentosa. If the customer wishes to do so, INOVO has the right to charge a surcharge.
  • For bulky furniture delivery involving climbing of staircase(s), there is a charge of $5 per item per non-lift accessible steps which must be collected by our delivery team before the completion of the delivery. This fee will also be applicable to stairs within landed properties or HDB maisonette.

Refund Policy

Most INOVO products come with a Refund Policy that last for 7 days. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, simply 1) find the email indicating the completion of your order (proof of purchase), 2) email us with the proof of purchase, 3) send us the item back after arranging with us, if your item is deemed to qualify for the Refund Policy, and 4) wait for the amount to be refunded to you via Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

If you have contacted us and we have deemed your item eligible for the Refund Policy, but we do not receive the item, we are not obliged to contact or remind you.

Only when we have received the item, we will refund you a percentage determine by our company (excluding shipping fees, transfer charges incurred along the way e.g PayPal Transaction Fees, and miscellaneous fees). Do note that the customer will bear the costs of sending the product(s) back to us.

The validity period of the Refund Policy starts from the day the order was marked completed and ends 7 days later, inclusive of the day the order was marked completed. All claims must be initiated within this period to be eligible.

Backorder items are not entitled to the Refund Policy as it is custom made for each customer’s design choice, size, colour and measurement requirement. There will be no Cancellation when order is placed in our website.

Refund Disclaimers

The refund amount will exclude any admin, shipping, delivery, assembly, delivery timing, delivery location and/or staircase delivery fees incur by us when the original order was made.

Exchange and Return Eligibility

The Exchange and Return Policy is valid only if the item is returned to us at our office in new and unused condition. We will give our customers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to claims. But in the case of extreme cases of damage like our products having broken into half or otherwise we will require some sort of proof to remain eligible for the Exchange and Return Policy. This is to prevent abuse of our Exchange and Return Policy.

Please ensure that your items meet all of the following returnable conditions:

  • Within 7 days after delivery
  • New condition, unused
  • Items have not been assembled or installed
  • Original packaging with Invoice
  • Item is not a “discounted or Backorder” item

INOVO reserves the right to reject any returns if item does not meet all of the above conditions.

If you do discover any cases of significant damage, please do make sure to snap a photo as soon as you discover it (It’s best to do this at the point of delivery) and forward it to us. This is to prevent any misunderstanding and to streamline the claims process.

In cases of claims of Refund Policy on products with obvious and significant defects, such claims will be taken as questionable and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as the customer should have sounded it off upon receipt of the item.

INOVO has the full discretion to decide whether any item is in a condition suitable for return and reserves the right to reject any returns if they are deemed unfit for return.

Warranty Details

All INOVO products are covered by a 10 Year Warranty. Our Warranty only covers product defects that significantly impair the use of the product. The INOVO Warranty does not cover Non-Significant Defects when received, damage that arises out of wear and tear, accidental damage to the product, intentional misuse of the product, damage from irresponsible storage, damage from unwise usage of our product in ways that will cause it to suffer damage unnecessarily.

The validity period of the 10 Year Warranty starts from the day the order was marked completed, inclusive of the day the order was marked completed. All claims must be initiated within this period to be eligible.

The INOVO Warranty is intended as a guarantee to replace or repair your product should it suffer any form of significant impairment when receive or while using it for its intended purpose in a regular manner.

It is not intended to protect against accidental damage, misuse of our item, wear and tear damage, issue due to the water pressure in your house or any other misuse of our item(s) that isn’t for its intended purpose.

Non-significant Defects refers to but is not limited to:

  • Stains, colour fade, rust on the product
  • Slight crack, wear and tear damage
  • Minor dent, scratches, misalignment

Damage to the product from the use of our product in unwise manners will also not be covered under our warranty.

Unwise Use of our item(s) refer to such acts but is not limited to:

  • Exposing the product to extreme temperatures
  • Applying excessive force on mechanical parts and joints

Damage to the product due to unwise storage of our products will also not be covered under our warranty.

Unwise storage refers to such acts as and is not limited to:

  • Storing our products in places of temperatures way above room temperature. E.g. Storing it beside your refrigerator unit
  • Storing it under a heavy load
  • Placing it in an area that is constantly exposed to the sun (Some surfaces like metal do get extremely hot under sun and that might be enough to cause heat damage to our product)

Significant damage is damage that impair the use of the product.

Should you have an item that is under warranty, simply take a picture of your significant damaged/malfunctioning product with our brand name visible and e-mail the proof of purchase to us together with the picture. Upon approval you may come to our office to exchange for a new product. Please take note that as mentioned in our website that we do not have showroom, for the actual colour, finishing, functions and quality of products if you are not comfortable to see, touch and feel the product before ordering, please do not place any order from our website. Any claim after ordering will not be accepted. Please note and accept that custom made items ( Vanity cabinet/ Bathtub ) might have some imperfection finishing due to handmade, this is not a manufacturing defect. And it’s very common for basin cabinet door to be misaligned during the shipping process as the doors are not fully secure into place. Adjustment of door is always needed during installation by a professional contractor whom the customer appointed. For bathtub, there might be some air bubbles formed on the bathtub body during the finishing process. This is not a manufacturing defect. Please do not place order if it is a concern to you.

Do note that the delivery/self-collection of an item under warranty will follow the same rules as a standard delivery.

Factory Seconds/Discounted items/Free gifts/ Backorder items are not entitled to the Warranty and Defects are not covered.

We advise all our customers or their receiver (Example: contractor/maid/family member) to check your item(s) when you receive them, and if item received is wrong, missing parts or there are any major damages/defects that are visible to the eye, do make sure to call our office before the delivery guy leave your place and then send us a picture on the actual day of receiving. Any claim after the actual receiving day will not be accepted. For backorder items that have major damages/defects or wrong item received, missing item or replacement of parts or item will take the same timeline needed for the same order which was placed. This is subject to approval of the management purely out of goodwill and without admission of liability as Back order are not covered for warranty and defects.

It is our customers’ responsibility to survey and check the product for any missing parts or damage upon receipt of the product. If there is significant unacceptable damage to the product, customers should sound it off immediately. Please do not sign and accept the item if the delivery person is in a hurry and refuse to let you inspect.

Should our customers receive the product and not sound off any unacceptable condition or defects to the product, we will assume that the customer has deemed the product acceptable in its received state.

INOVO reserves the right to determine if the product is a minor or major defect and to make the final decision on whether to reject claims, repair or exchange the product, as well as the replacement product, should an exchange be decided on.